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Not every diamond is suitable for investment purposes. High-quality diamonds are excellent for capital protection. Medium to long-term high growth rates can be recorded. An investment is a heavyweight colorless, preferably flawless or a very rare colored diamond.

The following three gemological institutes find worldwide approval


gemological institute of america


hoge raad voor diamant


international gemological institute

What if the diamond was certified by another gemology laboratory? The PINK DIAMOND GROUP and other high profile retailers, auction houses and jewelers do not accept them. The diamonds must then be re-examined.

It happens that specially colored diamonds receive different ratings not only from different companies, but also from one and the same gemological laboratory. This is simply because different people examine the diamonds and each has a different view of color or purity rating.

Thus, a certificate does make sense, so that one has the certainty that the diamond is not in any form synthetically treated or of such origin.

In fact, one of the keys to assessing color and purity is your own eye and personal judgment.

The conclusion is that both matters, the customers opinion and the expertise, experience and specialist knowledge of the respective retailer.

When making a purchase, make sure that the diamond is certified by one of the three laboratories listed on this page. Often, but not always, the diamonds are additionally sealed in plastic seals with a microfilm on which the certificate is reproduced again. Never buy jewelry or diamonds with certificates issued by the jeweler himself.

The Rio Tinto Group owns the Argyle mine in Australia, known for its production of rare fancy pink diamonds as well as a high volume of lower-quality rough. The Group also owns 40% of the Diavik mine in Canada in a partnership with Dominion Diamond Corporation. The production capacity is about 22 million carats a year. With MAMFX you may trade the CFD-share from Rio Tinto Group.

Above and beyond Vivid - The Bermuda Triangle Diamond

The 0,47 carat "Bermuda Triangle Diamond" is the worlds only diamond ever declared as NATURAL FANCY EXCEPTIONAL LEMON GREEN, unearthed in the early 90´s, certified by the International Gemological Institute in Antwerp, Belgium.


The estimated value is more than one million USD, resulting from the term "EXCEPTIONAL", its intensely bright color in combination with a very rare triangular cut on such rarities. In addition, the execution of the cut, as well as the proportions were rated VERY GOOD.

Its fire is magic

The Pinkdiamondgroup classifies the purity at "VS", clarity is not shown in the expertise because of the main aspect color rating as EXCEPTIONAL.

Green diamonds are extremely rare by nature. The most famous is the "Dresden Green Diamond" with a weight of 41.70 carats. It is located in the Albertinum Museum in Dresden, Germany. Natural colored green diamonds are mostly to dark olive green, yellowish or only very light in their green color. Often, inclusions are also visible to the naked eye. The Bermuda Triangle Diamond, on the other hand, is radiant green like no other green diamond found so far, which is why it was given the "EXCEPTIONAL" classification.

Comment from Forevermark of the De Beers Group: "Exceptional Diamonds are kept separate from other diamonds from the moment of discovery.

Their carat weight, colour and purity classify them as extraordinarily valuable and rare.

Of all the polished diamonds that come from the rough diamonds mined by the De Beers Group of Companies, only one in millions can be become a polished exceptional diamond. They are truly in a class of their own."

The Pinkdiamondgroup has given MAMFX exclusive access to this unique gemstome with the privilege to go into sale negotiations upon request.

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