About PresidentPoker.com

The experience in operating a casino website goes back to the year 1998. At this time pioneer Diamantclub Ltd., precursor of President Entertainment, went into a joint venture with the swedish software developer Bossmedia, launching the first multilingual casino website on earth. In 2003 President Poker was established and entered into a white label partnership with inventors of True Poker, operated in Costa Rica.

In 2006 the President Casino in St. Louis Missouri USA attempted batten onto the PresidentPoker.com domain using the ICANN National Arbitration Forum, but ultimately failed and lost a lawsuit from Diamantclub Ltd. in Antigua, originator and trademark owner of President Poker. As a result, President Casino LLC filed for bankruptcy, also in order to escape a compensation process worth millions.

When President George W. Bush jr. prohibited gambling for US-Citizens outside the US, the operating of President Poker has been discontinued. Today President Donald Trump is deregulating the market and in addition to that, there are far more players around the world than there were in times of the Millenium.

Just the domain name PresidentPoker.com itself generates thousands of players, even today.

Above: PresidentPoker.com in the year 2005