Rescue campaign

Corona has undoubtedly made life difficult for many people. This affects both entrepreneurs and their employees. It is easy to invest in large companies as they are listed on the stock exchanges and can be traded like on our platform. The industry provides people with everday products, from the toothpaste you use in the morning, food, energy, banking services and mobility to communication devices. It is building the internet infrastructure and enables chat or live-streaming. Many small businesses would not have a livelihood without industry factories, retail shops and suppliers are only mentioned as an example. Why companies like Amazon are excluded from closure during the crises, rightly question the Ad Absurdum restrictions imposed by politicians, but not the company.

We ´re happy to support and help small and medium-sized businesses as far as we can. Especially because the "state" often refuses to help their own taxpayers or only wants to give the illusion that they want to help, because in reality it is usually only "help" in the form of loans, which have to be repaid in certain periods, which only aggravates the situation of many firms. Small and medium-sized businesses are extremely important, both for industry and as a guarantee for a free economy, product variety, innovation, progress, inventiveness and independence. At the same time they avoid price dictations from monopolistic companies. Competition stimulates business, monopolies bleak the market and can endanger society, for example, by exerting political influence, abusing it and having competition products banned. They also might broadcast manipulated opinion making or practice censorship. A truly free market therefore requires incorruptible, preferably competent and unbiased politicians, who ensure a fair contest.

These days people have also had to find out what it means to be locked up and not being allowed to exercise their basic rights. Now everyone can surely imagine how a bird feels in a cage. We have therefore decided to start a donation call to help people and nature alike. Half of every incoming donation should therefore flow to people that need help. The other half is supposed to be used for the liberation of animals, of course it does not matter what type they belong to. At the same time, we appeal to all pet shops to stop selling animals such as birds or other exotics and to return those that have already been bought, back to their homes and release them.

Because the money shall really be used appropriately, President Enterprises LLC and fxAdmiral Ltd. take over the patronage and manage the distribution of funds without having interposed a foundation. We intend to reach a certain amount, before funds already deposited take effect or, in the event that the amount is not reached within a period determined by MAMFX, transferred back to your e-mail address stored with PayPal. 
10% of the amounts paid in are used to cover expenditure and personnel costs. We do not want to profit from this campaign and add any surpluses to the donations. All processes are supervised and controlled by our law firm and notary's office.

Credit / Debit Card and PayPal accepted.

Amount at your convenience.