standard account

Fixed or variable spread with leverage to 1000:1

This lever enables a market entry from as little as 100$.

stp (straight through processing)

ECN / STP accounts with variable spread. Exclusively with

leverage to 400:1 when opening an account on our website.

Choose SELF TRADE when you do trading by yourself. Click on Account in the MAM if your accounts are to be traded.

The form for creating the account appears in a new tab. Please choose the currency in which the account is to be managed and provide essential, personal key data.


If you would also like to position CFD shares in the market, select Standard Account. If you are sufficiently served with indices, please select ECN / STP. The setting is a maximum of 200:1 for ECN accounts. Since you open the account at MAMFX, you will receive 400:1, once your account has been approved. Afterwards, if you like, you can lower it via your dashboard in the client terminal. In general one decides on the highest lever available, the more you may put into the market when necessary or if wanted so.

Then download the software. We ´re happy to assist you with the installation and full verification of your account.

Self trade

Take total control

get your market share

multi account management

Merchant trades on your behalf

against a profit share


+1 - 773 - 800 2 777

Skype ID: toll-free

Remote Assistance

For MAC PCs you also need Wine (originally an acronym for "Wine Is Not an Emulator"). This is a compatibility layer that enables Windows applications to be run under POSIX-compliant operating systems, e.g. Linux, macOS and BSD.



Hint: During the installation an "MQL5" advertising opens in a separate tab. There is no need to pay attention to it. 


1) Choose your operating system for the MT4 platform, save or open file.


2) The install wizard will appear on screen. Simply click "Continue", wait until "Finish" shows up. Complete installation and get ready to start trading. Login with your password.


the Hammer - MAMFX exclusive

ECN accounts are connected to Electronic Communications Networks (ECNs) to give customers direct access to other participants in foreign exchange markets. ECN brokers are non-dealing desk brokers, meaning that they do not pass on order flow to market makers. Instead, they match participants in a trade electronically and pass the orders to liquidity providers. ECN / STP accounts are usually equipped with a maximum lever set up to 200:1. However, we ´re so well positioned that we were able to make a special agreement. MAMFX proudly presents a lever up to 400:1 on an ECN / STP account.

no mark-up

The spread is the range from the positioning to the profit zone. With MAMFX you trade original fxGiants spread and receive premium support.

managed accounts

A share on the profit guarantees mutual interest. Our goal is a continous performance with a most possible high yield.

what account shall i choose?

Only the very best for our customers. Various account types are being offered. All without commissions.

With a Standard account you also may trade single shares and futures.

ECN / STP (Straight Through Processing) accounts up to 400:1, exclusively at MAMFX.COM

On ECN / STP all indizes are available, but not single shares.


The set of levers allow to react strategically and flexibly to the market and keep the risk within reasonable limits.

Create as many accounts you want, in different foreign currencies, free of charge.