999 WIN fINE gold 999

MAMFX recommends capitalizing LIVE accounts with 10,000 EUR / USD / GBP or more.

Also read the explanations in the

 menu item "MAM".

Capitalize your LIVE-account with any* amount of money. If you make

a profit of 25% or more within 14 days of your first deposit and traded

the minimum number of lots in FOREX as displayed in the following

table, you gain the indicated weight in pure fine gold.

Maximum one GOLD bonus per account.

10 grams gold

min. 100 Lots FOREX

50 grams gold

min. 500 Lots FOREX

20 Grams gold

min. 200 Lots FOREX

100 Grams gold

min. 999 Lots FOREX
same conditions, more profit opportunities with mamfx

By opening an account on the MAMFX website,

you can also participate each contest of our contract broker fxGiants. Better trading conditions. 

More leverage and much more chances to win prize money, paybacks and bonuses with MAMFX.