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fx admiral ltd.
GM Centre, Suite no. 9
friars hill road - st. john´s

Antigua, west indies
+ 44 - (0)33 - 3303 4531

mamfx freelancers
Taunus tower - Taunustor 1-3
representing office germany
60310 Frankfurt am Main
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notesco ltd. (fx giants)
Veritas Place, 6th floor
65 court street
hamilton hm 12, bermuda
+ 44 - (0)33 - 3303 4531
President enterprises llc, USA
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About us

Image and video source: President Enterprises LLC, fxAdmiral Ltd. Fotolia, AdobeStock, Alamy, Shutterstock, Native Indian illustration art and selected artists

President enterprises llc, USA

Content, technics, webdesign,
translation and production

We value a courteous, respectful, and competent manner of communicating with our

customers. We take our responsibility seriously and train our employees in giving valuable

tips and strategies to clients. fxAdmiral navigates customers throughout account opening, while

fxGiants is is providing a secure trading environment. A specially composed joint venture,

performing an exclusive positioning on the world market to its valued customers.

  Managing Director and CEO of MAMFX, the coordinator, is Holger Aulenbach, a professional

   wholesale and foreign trade merchant who startet his career in the Bavarian Motor Factory (BMW).

With more than 30 years of experience in sales, organization and development on an international level

he decisively contributed to the success of profitable businesses in Multi-tasking and business leadership, during the 90s and represented well-known companies from the diamond industry. At the millennium

    he switched to the virtual entertainment business and since 2011 he is in interactive brokerage.

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FX.AG - Chairman
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